Woof, we're bark

levi bark digital

Hi, I'm Levi

AKA the Chief Adventure Officer

I’m the one who guides you through our process.

I’ve previously owned a cafe, and spent 8 years as a sales rep + manager, so I have heaps of experience supporting small businesses to succeed by thinking outside of the box. 

nikki bark digital

Hi, I'm Nikki

AKA the tech genius

I’m the one that makes the tech work behind the scenes.

I have a passion for helping small businesses make money with a top-notch website. I love sharing my knowledge and tips from over 6 years as a digital designer and marketer. 

Let's make magic

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special touches

Each layout comes with special animations and effects to enhance the user experience and increase visual impact. Think parrallax scrolling, carousels, fade in elements and animations on hover.  

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advanced inclusions

Your purchase and hosting plan comes with access to premium, agency level plugins worth over $600 per website, per year, to support your website SEO, speed, security and design. 

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straight up pricing

Our pricing is fixed, so there’s no surprises at the other end of your project. We have a flat fee of $800 for a one page website and $30 per month to host it. Simple. 

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fast turnaround

Because we’ve pre-designed each website, you can have your business online within the week! We’ve set up a streamlined intake process so you can give us everything we need to get started in under an hour.